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    Niğde is renowned for its mountaineering and winter sports. The Aladağlar, which have the highest peaks in the Taurus Mountains, are among the most geologically interesting places in Türkiye, with gorgeous glacial lakes and waterfalls. The Aladağlar and Bolkar Mountains are prominent for mountaineering, trekking and winter sports. The Aladağlar, which have the status of a national park, have four elevation groups: Demirkazık (3,756 metres), Kızılkaya (3,767 metres), Kaldı Mountain (3,688 metres) and Vayvay Mountain (3,565 metres).

    At 3,000 metres above sea level, Aladağlar National Park offers extraordinary biodiversity: it is in the alpine vegetation zone and home to numerous species of flora and fauna, along with deep valleys, soaring peaks, steep glacial cliffs, sweeping canyons, high plateaus, caves, forests and tablelands. Considering the natural environment and climate, the optimal period for excursions and climbing activities on Aladağlar is June, July and August. A 100-bed mountain hotel in Demirkazık Village in the region is open throughout the year.

    Niğde Bolkar Mountain Ski Resort

    The ski area on Bolkar Mountain (3,524 metres) is at an altitude zone of 2,300 and 3,003 metres above sea level. Other areas include Top Tepe (3,017 metres), Tahtalıkaya (3,372 metres), Koyunaşağı Tepe (3,426 metres), and Eğerkeya (3,347 metres), which cover an area of approximately 2,000 hectares. The best time to visit the region for ski season is between December and April. During the ski season, snow depth varies from100 to 200 cm.