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    Pide with Tahini

    The production of pide with tahini (tahinli pide), an indispensable flavour of the Niğde region from ancient times, has been going on for half a century. Pide with tahini comes in two varieties, sugared or plain. It is made by baking masters who roll the dough, composed of flour, yeast, and water, on their arms. Tahini is then poured on the dough and rolled again. The tahini-infused dough is cut into pieces and baked for 10 minutes.

    Mazaklı Köftesi

    Mazaklı köftesi (Mazaklı meatballs) are made with minced meat, fine bulgur, semolina and a variety of spices. They are rolled into small spheres and boiled in water with tomato paste and onions.

    Quince Borana

    This delicious dish features lamb simmered with quince, chickpeas, molasses, and butter.

    Niğde Tava

    This regional specialty is made by baking cubed lamb or sheep with tomatoes, peppers and oil or fat – indispensable for this dish. It is made in a clay dish or a metal baking sheet and served hot from the oven.

    Rice-Stuffed Apple

    Some might find this combination surprising, but it is quite tasty. Apples are cored, filled with a stuffing of minced meat and rice, and baked. If you visit Niğde, you must sample this dish!

    Bor Söğürme

    Söğürme, a simple dish of slow-cooked lamb, shallots, and green peppers, demonstrates that an excellent meal can be created with just a few ingredients. Sometimes thyme is added to the dish.

    Cream Dessert

    Cream dessert is labour intensive and requires many ingredients, but the result is worth it. The dessert includes dough, sorbet, and a filling of rice, sugar, milk and eggs.